Friday, January 30, 2009

Blagojevich Hides Out

Well Rob Blagojevich is finally out of office, but not out of the public eye. Why can't the press just let him fade away and save us from his ridiculous rants and protestations. Now the question is what will happen in the Federal case against him?

Rob hid out in his Chicago home all day, not surprisngly. His impeachment marks the first time in 20 years a state governor has been removed from office. Way to go Rob!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fork Lift Safety - Video

OK, so today was the mini-ice storm here in Dallas and I had some time on my hands. As we all know "idle hands...."

So here is a little video a friend sent me on fork lift safety. It is in German, but no translation is needed. Warning: Contains comic violence and lots of fake blood.

Gay Pepsi Ad In UK!

Just saw this on the Dallas Voice "Instant Tea" blog and had to share it. Pepsi-UK's latest spot is a great breakthrough for gay rights, seriously!

PETA Goes Porn

Ever give money to PETA? Well here's what they are doing with your cash.

'Veggie Love': PETA's Banned Super Bowl Ad

This insipid commercial was rejected by the network for being too sexual for the Soper Bowl. I would reject it because it is ludicrous, much like most of PETA's claims.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ponzi Scheme Epidemic Spreads - More Fund Managers Arrested

Durn rich people are stupid! They seem to give their money to anyone who promises big returns and never check these guys out. If I didn't have more ethics I'd buy a nice suit and start fleecing the rich, apparently it's easier than you'd think.

Another mini-Madoff has popped up in New York. Nicholas Cosmo, who runs Agape World Inc. is accused of taking investors to the tune of $300 million and pocketing $140 in the process. Sweet deal, huh?

Meanwhile that fund manager who disappeared in Florida, which many thought was a suicide, has turned up in police custody. Arthur Nadel, whose family reported him missing in early January, was arrested on Tuesday by FBI agents in Tampa.

Seems like in these cases as well as the Bernie Madoff magilla, people gave these charlatans their millions without so much as a, "So where are you going to put my money?". As we found out, Madoff may not have ever made a single trade with the Billions he scammed from gullible investors. He just kept moving the money around and skimming off the top.

I have to believe if I had a few million laying around I sure as heck wouldn't give it to a guy I played golf with on a handshake! But then again, I don't have that kind of dough to be careless with.

Monday, January 26, 2009

14 Year Old Boy Impersonates Chicago Policeman - Works Full Shift Before Getting Caught!

OK, many of you know I have a uniform fetish, but a 14 year old boy from Chicago has one that goes way beyond mine. The boy walked into the Grand Crossing police station in Chicago's 3rd district,reported for duty. He was given a police radio and ticket book, then went out on traffic stops with the officer whom he was teamed with for the day.

After a 5 hour shift when he was reporting back to the station he was unable to produce credentials and was busted for impersonating an officer. The kid had a full uniform, empty holster and a vest stuffed with magazines to appear like body armor.

The boy, who is said to have come from a troubled home is in detention, but the police who let him go on patrol are busy trying to explain how this could have happened. So much for Homeland Security!

Citi Group Uses Our Bucks To Buy New $50 Million Jet!

And as we taxpayers bail out Citi Group, the corporate execs there decided it's time for an upgrade in their corporate jet fleet. Seems like a prudent use of funds to me, huh?

$50 million for a new corporate jet that sits 12, the Dassault Falcon 7X, is the epitome of luxury. Leather seats, a new, more quiet interior and....hey!

What the F*&K?

I guess these guys asses are too delicate to sit in plain old First Class on a commercial jet? With the limited seating and the hefty price tag, they would have to be in the air a whole long time before they will use that 4.5 million a seat plus the fuel and staff.

I have to say the idea of nationalization is seeming better and better. Corporate America has run amok and these gilded CEOs need to be tossed out on their ear without that golden parachute.
As long as these kind of narcissistic idiots are allowed to manage these failing companies, we will continue to have trouble. I would be in favor of basing their salaries on a percentage of the company profits. There might be some incentive for them to actually do something to make their company more profitable rather than fretting over super-lux jets!

The Blagojevich Freak Show

When I was a child I remember seeing shows at the State Fair where people who were born with profound bodily deformities or those who could do strange and outrageous acts performed. The called these Freak Shows and with the exception of the sword swallowers and fire eaters, most of these shows faded into history. They were politically incorrect and considered exploitative and uncivilized.

Today we have a return of the Freak Show, but this time it's on TV. We call them things like The View and The Today Show. How else could you explain these programs booking a man who is clearly delusional and by all accounts a pathological liar.

Rod Blagojevich has been booked on all the morning shows instead of standing the the Illinois Senate and defending himself at his impeachment trial. That qualifies pretty freaky and personally I find it distasteful to have this poor creature trotted out for ratings on TV.

The man has been taped demanding bribbes, one would think he would at least try to defend himself instead of raving on about being some later day Nelson Mandella (his comparison, not mine). Personally, I think I will watch reruns of I Love Lucy.