Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bush Thinks The Rebate Checks Will Cure Our Economic Problems And Other Myths

OK, it’s time someone took President Bush by the hand and took him into a nice, safe asylum somewhere. The man is either a complete and pathological liar, or off his rocker. His latest unbelievable statement comes in an assurance that though the economy is going through a rough patch, if we just wait for people to spend their $600 checks from the government it’s all going to get better!

Those "economic stimulus" checks are not even a drop in the bucket for people strapped by high gas prices and ever more expensive food. The economy is on the skids and in a full-blown recession and a $600 check may pay one bill, but it won’t jump start the economy. That will take a sound economic policy, something the Bush folks have never understood.

And as far as stimulus is concerned, according to a CNN survey most people will use the checks to pay down debt, not go out on a spending spree. Besides, with the exception of a few tanks of $3.35 per gallon gas, what the heck can you buy for $600 that will make a damned bit of difference?

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