Friday, October 20, 2006

Diebold Voting Machine Software Stolen!

ALERT! Looks like software for the old Diebold Voting Machines has been stolen. That’ what will happen to this election if hackers with GOP contacts get hold of it too. If there were ever a reason to demand paper ballots this is it.

Ozone Hole Largest Ever Recorded!

Boy the good news just keeps coming! Scientists today announced that the ozone hole over Antarctica is the largest ever recorded. This means that the suns ultraviolet rays can penetrate this area unaltered. For a human, basking in the sunshine on an Antarctic Ice sheet that would mean really quick sunburn, and continued exposure would probably develop skin cancer rapidly.

Luckily, there are few sunbathers at the South Pole. Additionally, since the chemicals that caused the hole have been banned, scientists expect the hole to shrink to negligible size by 2065, just in time for my 115th birthday!

The moral of the story is this; we can do things to reverse problems caused to our climate with decisive and effective regulation. Wake up Bush science deniers! Sign Kyoto and let’s start reducing the CO2 emissions now!

Had enough? Vote Democratic.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dirty Bomb Scare A Hoax FBI Says

So it was all a hoax according to the FBI who interviewed the man who posted the threat on the internet. Though this ties things up nice and tidy, I still have my doubts. Of course never underestimate the ignorance of people on the internet.

Bush Buys Land In Paraguay. Planning Post-Impeachment Escape?

Is Bush preparing for the aftermath of an impeachment or worse? According to Prensa Latina News Agency he has purchased over 90,000 acres of land in Paraguay near the Brazilian border and close to a US military base.

Wonkette has the details, including a vote by Paraguay to grant immunity to US troops from international prosecution and Jenna Bush making a diplomatic visit to Paraguay’s president.

Hey it worked for Ex-Nazis as a safe haven, why not for American War Criminals like Bush?

UPDATE: Now it looks like Rev. Moon has bought land near W's as well. This is getting strange children.

Judge Orders Cheney Visitor Records Released!

And soon we will know how many times Jack Abramoff really visited Dick Cheney. A judge ordered his visitor records today, an order that could spark a late election season debate over lobbyists' White House access.

There will be more scuffling and claims of executive privilege I am sure, but the truth may indeed come out.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Strange Reports of Dirty Bomb?

CNN has been talking today about dirty bomb threats in the US. After doing a short Google search I found this on a blog that confirms that threat and was pretty disturbing. If you have any info please contact the FBI now.

Related info published in the Sun, a UK newspaper might provide clues to this story. That story says that Adnan El Shukrijumah, who has a £2.5million bounty on his head, is suspected to be in the US.

Not to panic, but this one sounds pretty shady. Further stories show this as a "not credible" threat.

Welcome To The US Senate!

Wow, guess the Sargent at Arms of the Senate must be really interested in the rumors surrounding several Senators. They paid a visit this morning and actually took time to read a few pages. Thanks guys! I always wonder if anyone reads what I post.

Another Gay Closeted GOP Senator ?

Well another GOP member of congress may end up in the Gay Old Party category. Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) is being outed by a gay activist blog and on radio on the Ed Schultz Show.

Craig has voted against Gay Marriage in the past and says he supports "Family Values" which everyone knows is code language for anti-gay measures. Wonder who will be next? (Rick Perry must be squirming in the Governors Mansion right now.)

Remember this is still a rumor, so don't tell anyone!

Note: Howdy US Senate! Saw the Sgt. at Arms was on earlier today looking at this article. Hope you had time to read more.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ken Lay Conviction Erased!

So now Ken Lay’s conviction is erased. What would happen if he turned up alive somewhere in the world? Would he be scott-free? Keep an eye out for Ken Lay sightings in the near future.

Bush Election Appointee Says System Ripe For Stealing The Election

Rev. DeForest Soaries, a bush appointee in charge of Election Assistance says the system is "ripe for stealing elections". He was appointed by George W. Bush as the first chair of the commission created by the federal Help America Vote Act (HAVA) after the election farce in Florida that brought Bush into power.

Soaries resigned in April saying he felt deceived by the administration and that they intended no reforms at all. The previously unpublished interview is online here at Bradblog. It is must reading for anyone who has doubts about the fairness of the upcoming election.