Friday, March 28, 2008

Breasts Dominate The News - Where Was Iraq?

The news was full of stories about breasts today instead of the chaos in Iraq. Breasts?

First was the tale of a woman who was forced to remove her nipple rings before boarding a plane. According to CNN reports the woman, Mandi Hamlin, was forced to remove the rings in Houston Texas by a TSA agent. The problem is that there is no requirement to remove jewelry before boarding a plane. Additionally the rings required a pliers to replace. Well that is certainly more important that the war going south in Iraq.

Then there was the story about the other woman tossed off a plane for breast feeding. The problem is that it is legal and besides she was in the rear of the plane sitting next to her husband. Oh yea that’s definitely more important than chaos in Iraq.

Our news organizations suck!

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