Saturday, January 07, 2012

New Hampshire Debate - Romney Fest!

As the remaining GOP candidates fought it out in New Hampshire, they neglected to do the one thing they should have and that is go after Mott Romney.  They seemed to almost avoid going after him and as the front runner he should have been the target.

Rick Perry, our brain dead governor, said little other than he would send troops back to Iraq.  He is obviously an empty suit and could do nothing but smile stupidly at the end of the stage.  His only other answer that I can remember was when asked what he would normally be doing on a Saturday night, he said, "I'd be at the gun range."  He also apparently believes that Iran can defy physics and "move at the speed of light."

Meanwhile Gingrich tried his best in the final minutes to toss a few grenades to Romney but failed to score, and Jon Huntsman actually ansered one question in Chinese!  What?

Overall another silly example of the GOP trying their best to avoid picking Romney as their candidate.

Oh yeah, and Rick Santorum is still a frothy mix!

Friday, January 06, 2012

Anderson Cooper Calls Out Rick Santorum - VIDEO

It is refreshing to see a reporter actually doing their job and reporting.  Bravo to Anderson Cooper for actually questioning Santorum on this and for then showing how Santorum is lying.

Ron Paul Campaign Ad - Blatantly Racist

This ad popped up on YouTube a few days ago and is the most blatantly racist piece of crap I have ever seen.  It tries to paint Jon Huntsman (GOP Presidential contender) as Chinese.  He was an ambassador to China and speaks Mandarin, and by the Paul campaign logic, that makes him an enemy?  Not sure how Ron Paul will step away from this crap, but I feel sure his supporters will ignore it.  Paul has a cult following David Koresh would envy.

200,000 New Jobs!

Great economic news!  According to the Labor Department the US added 200,000 new private sector jobs in December.Additionally, they revised the number of jobs added in November upward from 100,000 to 120,000.

Good news for the unemployment rate too since the increase in jobs lowers that rate to 8.5% and a pretty good sign that the recovery is continuing.  Both these are good news for the Obama campaign.  A growing economy will take a lot of steam out of any GOP challenger's attacks.  Let's hope the trend continues.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Rick Santorum Supports Discrimination - But Only Against Gays

Rick "Frothy Mix" Santorum has been doing a lot of talking. It's what candidates do, and it gives us a good chance to see just what he is all about.  Discrimination is a big part of his platform.

Santorum is wrapping bigotry in the banner of religion.  In a recent interview he mentioned that he feels that the freedom of religion trumps all other freedoms as noted in the constitution.  In an interview with the De Moines Register he stated that same-sex marriage jeopardizes religious liberty because the government may threaten license-holder such as marriage counselors who don’t treat gay couples.

All you have to do is insert any minority in place of "same-sex couples" and you see his issue.  My problem with this whole argument is this, if I set up a business with a big sign that said "No Baptists Allowed", just how long would it be before I was slapped with a law suit?  If a professional is going to deal with the public and offer his or her services, then excluding a class of people is discrimination and no religious argument you can give will change that.

Santorum wants it both ways.  Freedom for him and no freedom for LGBT people.  Time to flush Santorum out of the political system.  Perhaps the coming election will do that.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

This dandy chart shows why Obama needs to stay in office. Thanks to Ritchie from CA for the graphic.Amazing how bad off we were after the Bush presidency and his disastrous economic policies. 

Perry and Bachmann "Reassess" their Campaigns

After a really sad showing in Iowa, both Rick Perry and Michelle "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann are returning to their home states to "reasses" their campaigns. Perry announced he would not campaign in South Carolina, a sure sign he is essentially giving up.  His campaign garnered less than 10% of the total votes in Iowa.

Bachmann also called off her South Carolina trip and with a 5% showing in Iowa, it's a good idea.  The ever present Sarah Palin has even chimed in on the Bachmann campaign and said, "It's not her time".

Here's hoping it will never be Michelle Bachmann's  no Rick Perry's time.

UPDATE:  Crazy Eyes is out and just plain Crazy stays in.  Rick Perry tweets that he is going to South Carolina.  Sad really!