Saturday, November 07, 2009

Fundamentalists Stone Adulterer

Ah the delights of fundamentalism!

In Somalia, the country without a government, or at least one that works, a crowd of fundamentalists stoned an adulterer to death. The woman he impregnated will be killed once she has her baby. I guess "life is sacred" to these Muslim fundamentalists. In truth, these might as well be Christian fundamentalists. If they really believe the Bible is inerrant, there should be more stoning and public executions. (Deut. 22:22)

The whole fundamentalist problem is an inability to do critical thinking and a willingness to consider anything written as truth. So for the fundamentalists reading this, it is written:

"Thou shalt not inflict thine own ignorance upon others."

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Stupid Torture Gadget - As Seen On TV!

It's no secret that I am kinky, but even I have to wonder at the genius of this product. It forces the wearer to be humiliated but to perform an uncomfortable exercise that borders on torture. And to think I try to come up with SM ideas when there are things like this being sold on QVC!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Democrat Wins NY Seat Held For 150 Years By GOP

While some pundits are making hay with the GOP wins in New Jersey and Virginia gubinatorial races, the New York District that has been staunchly Republican for 150 years elected a Democrat to the US House. The race, breathlessly watched by conservatives because of it's ultra right wing candidate, Doug Hoffman, was won by Democrat Bill Owens. There were two conservatives running, one moderate and the other far right and their campaigns effectively split the vote to give Owens the win.

So while a couple of governors are now Republican, the US House gains another Democrat. Sounds like a toss up to me, and far from some kind of plebicite on President Obama as some media mavins would have you believe.

Maine Marriage Fails By Thin Margin

Score another win for bigotry and the Mormon and Catholic Church! Voters in Maine rejected the Same-Sex Marriage law spurred on by church funded campaigns. The margin of victory was very thin, but enough for a defeat, making Maine the second state to take away rights from LGBT people.

If there was any positive spin to be had it was that the margins were razor thin, roughly 51.8% to 48.2%

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Ohio Rapist May Be Murderer - Met Victims Online!

The home of a convicted sex criminal in Cleveland, Ohio continues to yield bodies of victims. What's worse is the stench from the bodies had been reported for a long time yet nothing was done. Located next to a building where they made sausage, authorities suspected it was the meat processing that was the culprit.

Now as body after body is pulled form crawl space and dug up in the back yard the truth is coming to light. It's a shocking story and one that has a twist people in the BDSM/Leather community need to take heed.

It is looking like the man who is accused of the crimes may have met some of his victims on

Let that one sink in for a while!

Anonymous hook ups are a bad idea, and yet people in our community still persist in making them. Word to the wise: if you can't verrify who the person is, and what reputation they have, DON'T HOOK UP!

Real Free Credit Report! The FTC Flexes Its Creative Muscles

Those ads with the singing slackers whose credit got screwed up have always seemed a bit strange to me. I checked out the alleged "free" report and the catch is that you have to sign up for a paid service to get the "free" report.

Now the FTC, which apparently has finally woken from it's Bush Era induced slumber has taken steps to fight back. You see, an annual credit report has been free for some time. Now they are staging their own commercials to promote the real free service and debunk the fake ones. Enjoy!