Saturday, March 07, 2009

Specter Under Pressure To Leave GOP

Latest rumblings are that Arlen Specter is being pressured to leave the Republican Party. He has opposition in the upcoming primaries from former Rep. Pat Toomey a conservative who ran against the incumbent Senator and nearly won last time. The Pennsylvania Republican Party has taken a decidedly more conservative turn and it might leave Specter out in the cold.

Unlike Connecticut, where Joe Lieberman could run as an independent, after deserting the Democrats, Pennsylvania has no such provision. Specter’s moderate voice has often sided with Democrats on the hill, so it would not be a stretch to see him running as a Democrat.

Time will tell.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Bush Library News

Seems the Bush Library is having trouble being found by search engines. Here is my personal contribution to that effort. Lying War Criminal Library.

Perhaps this little link can help people who are trying to find Mr. Bush and prosecute him. Let's hope so. By linking to the site, search engines rank keywords in order of most relevant. Therefore if everyone linked to the library using the above words, Lying War Criminal Library, well you get the idea!

Michael Steele's Blog Is No More - The Wrath Of Rush!

Want further proof Rush Limbaugh is the leader of the GOP?

Michael Steele, token minority face and front for the "newer more inclusive' Republican Party used to have a blog. The key word here is "used". His blog has been cut off by the RNC.

I give him until Monday to mysteriously resign to spend more time with his family.

Close Call With Asteroid - A Near Miss!

There was a wake up call for some real basic research that came in the middle of the night and most folks on Earth missed it. Actually it missed Earth.

Asteroid 2009 DD45 flew past our tiny planet at an altitude above the Earth of only 48,800 miles, and that puts it close to the orbits of some of our communications satellites. That is close.
The space rock was only spotted in February by an Australian observatory. Within a few hours of its discovery scientists realized it would not strike Earth, but the message is clear. We are constantly being bombarded by space debris and it is only a matter of time before something big will get here with disastrous results. What we need is more data.

That means much more work tracking asteroids and comets to give us as much warning as possible. Then we need a plan to deal with a big asteroid that might not burn up in the atmosphere. Remember the dinosaurs? They might be walking around as sentient and dominant life forms today had not a huge asteroid crashed into the earth somewhere near the Gulf of Mexico. That impact wiped out most life on earth and there is absolutely no reason it couldn’t happen again.

Basic research into asteroids and space can warn or possibly prevent this but that will take funding and the will of the people of Earth. I speak of us as one people, because such a catastrophic event would not respect any artificial borders. We need to have a plan.

There are some organizations doing this kind of research, but they are underfunded and working in a scientific backwater. Their efforts need to be brought to the forefront. Just to give you a sense of proportion, the next time an object will get closer to Earth will be in 2029 when an 885-foot asteroid called 99942 Apophis comes within 20,000 miles. There may be others we don’t know about, and that is the problem.

Sleep on it and then write your Congressperson.

FedEx Office Offers Free Resume Printing

Sure it's a PR gimmick, but it's a socially responsible one and that is something I can get behind. FedEx Office (formerly FedEx Kinko's) has announced it will offer, "FedEx Office Free Resume Printing Day” on March 10, 2009, offering to print up to 25 copies of each customer’s resume for free. In troubled economic times it's nice to see a company, particularly a very big one trying to help.

As reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor, the nation’s unemployment rate rose to 7.6 percent and the number of unemployed persons increased to 11.6 million in January 2009. With so many people looking to get their printed resumes in the hands of recruiters and hiring managers, FedEx Office is prepared to help.

Now if the banks would follow suit and losen up their credit instead of paying out big bonuses, we could all get over this rough patch and grow the economy again.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Calls For Steele To Go! More GOP Meltdown.

So it looks like Michael Steele might be out soon. Dr. Ada Fisher a member of the Republican National Committee has called on Steele to step down. She is one of a growing number of voices calling for his head. Steele has tried to be hip and relevant like the idiots at the GOP wanted. He tried to be the “minority” face of the party and peppered his comments with as many buzz words as possible. Bad idea!

Now that Steele has angered Rush Limbaugh, the real leader of the party, he is suddenly the party’s Jonah, and now he may be jettisoned. Rush is not to be toyed with and his power as far as what is left of the GOP base is awesome. Now it’s damage control and lots of back-peddling. Personally, I figure he has about a month before leaving to spend more time with his family.

Ada Fisher was on Rachael Maddow tonight and she is not happy and though she is making as many excuses as she can think of, it's all about Rush. Here's why. Rush is the base and they bring the money and without the base, no GOP.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Bank TV Spot Features Transgender Character

It isn't often that a bak advertisement makes me cry but this one from the Spanish bank, Banco Provincia really does the trick. What a first! A transgender woman shown in a positive light with no jokes or winking. Enjoy.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Rush Limbaugh - The Real Face Of The GOP

Watching tapes of Rush Limbaugh at the CPAC gathering this week really showed me how bankrupt the GOP is. I listened to his ad-lib speech, which sounded a lot like someone who was high on pain-killer, and marveled. He simultaneously misquoted the Constitution, as well as the Declaration of Independence and went on to reaffirm his wish that our president fail in his attempts to reinvigorate the economy.

Worse still was his and the rest of the speakers attempts to distance themselves from the Bush administration. Say what? Last year at this same meeting the audience chanted "four more years" when President Bush took the stage. Apparently the Republican talent for denying reality is very well developed.

Limbaugh even went so far as to group Bush and Obama in the same sentence referring to our economic policy as the "Bush/ Obama" policy.

If anyone ever had any doubts they were erased at that meeting. Rush Limbaugh is the leader of the Republican Party. Michael Steele is just a convienent token puppet to enable the GOP to "re-brand" itself.

Re-branding is a difficult task, just ask the coal industry how well that "clean coal" thing is going.