Saturday, May 15, 2010

BP Trying Again to Stop The Disaster They Caused

British Petroleum continues their quest to stem the geyser of oil polluting the Gulf of Mexico.  The latest scheme is to insert a pipe inside the broken pipe to siphon off the oil.  That hasn't been easy using robots at the bottom of the sea.  Meanwhile, at the surface oil soaked wildlife is starting to show up along the US coastline in alarming numbers. 

Personally, I think everyone has been soft peddling this disaster.  The sheer volume of oil bubbling up into one of the world's most productive fisheries is going to have a big impact on the US economy and the lively hood of not only fishermen, but the entire gulf coast.  I have heard harsh words from Washington, now if they will only follow them up with action. 

First stop the leak.  Then once a relief well is drilled by BP to siphon off the oil and essentially dry up the gushing broken well head, the government needs to either confiscate the entire operation as a criminal enterprise since they did not have a permit and were knowingly using defective equipment or fine BP enough to pay for the damages. That is going to be a LOT of money, maybe even enough to put them out of business.

Offshore drilling needs to be reevaluated and monitored much more closely.  Otherwise the Gulf of Mexico will end up as a stinking dead cesspool of petroleum waste.

Lewis Black - Glenn Beck Has Nazi Tourette's

I only hope some day I could be as funny as Lewis Black... without his blood pressure!

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Latest Chart of the Oil Disaster

NOAA just published the latest chart of the oil spill.  It is amazingly large and if you are not familiar with what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico, check out the Emergency Site.  The news organizations are getting lost in the closeups of the well head and not the massive slick drifting ashore.

Meanwhile, stay away from BP stations just so they know somebody is going to hold them accountable.

President Obama Weighs in on BP Fiasco at Hearings

If you saw any of the testimony on Capitol Hill by the execs from BP and their vendors you probably feel as frustrated as I do.  Nice to see our president shares that frustration.  Here's President Obama's quote:
I know BP has committed to pay for the response effort, and we will hold them to their obligation.  I have to say, though, I did not appreciate what I considered to be a ridiculous spectacle during the congressional hearings into this matter.  You had executives of BP and Transocean and Halliburton falling over each other to point the finger of blame at somebody else.  The American people could not have been impressed with that display, and I certainly wasn’t.   
I understand that there are legal and financial issues involved, and a full investigation will tell us exactly what happened.  But it is pretty clear that the system failed, and it failed badly.  And for that, there is enough responsibility to go around.  And all parties should be willing to accept it.

Lisa Murkowski Sells Out To Big Oil - Blocks Liability Cap Expansion!

Sometimes I think Alaska doesn't see itself as a state.  Their Senator, Lisa Murkowski must be completely in the pocket of the oil companies to do this.  Huffington Post reports:
A bill to increase the liability cap for oil spills from $75 million to $10 billion was defeated Thursday by Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska.
Why now?  And why such a low cap?  Personally I think there should be no cap on liability for these guys if they drill without a permit or proper safety precautions like BP. 

Oh and Lisa?  Murkowski, a drilling supporter, has received almost $300,000 in campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry.Can you say SELL OUT YOUR COUNTRY?

Colbert Skewers Glenn Beck - Very Funny!

Stephen Colbert is one of my favorite court jesters, and last night he was really on his game.  He skewers Glenn Beck for his comparison of himself (Beck) to Martin Luther King.  Watch.

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BP Chief Says Leak is "Relatively Tiny". Say What?

I heard a quote by the Chief Executive of British Petroleum, Tony Hayward this morning on NPR.  He said of the massive oil gusher that is surely to become the worst ecological disaster of the past century, "it's relatively tiny". Of course he was talking about the volume of the leak when compared to the Gulf of Mexico.  AssHat!

A "relatively tiny" amount of strychnine in a cup of tea either is just as deadly as a cup full.  When it comes to pollution like this trying to minimize the problem is the worst kind of spin I can think of.  Meanwhile I would like to ask this jerk, "were the the deaths of those 11 workers relatively tiny"?

Scientists, after examining the video that BP had refused to release for weeks say the volume of the spill is not the 5000 barrels a day we have heard bandied about, but more like 70,000!  That is like the Exxon Valdez rupturing every four days. 

Meanwhile as the lying fops testify before Congress, the spill moves closer to shore and already hundreds of marine animals are washing ashore dead and coated with oil.  The fisheries may or may not be usable this season, and that could devastate the economy of the coast.  These photos from NASA give a hint as to the magnitude of the spill. 

This one isn't going to go away and BP, Transoceanic and Halliburton have their fingerprints all over it.  If it means these companies have to be gutted to pay for the cleanup and damages, that would be just dandy with me.  

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Arizona Tourism Video

More Music Videos from the Front. Blah blah blah - Iraq Mix!

Gays in the military? They might already be there! Or not.

Cute video by one of our enlisted men. His words about this:

"Created by Codey Wilson and his elite step team of volunteers. The video is an EXAGGERATED act of a possible future military that is open to any sexual preference. Please don't try to cause us any problems. We're just a few good guys trying to enjoy ourselves and get this deployment over with. No one in the video is gay... that we know of, nor am I. Sorry guys.(political correctness) I am NOT saying it IS ok to be gay in the military. I am not saying it's NOT OK. As a wanna be student actor and film maker I was forced to release this early due to our friend in Afghans lip sinked music video. I have to admit I feel a bit more creative but he has my respect. Making these things around here is really scary because we're taking major risks. You know you love it. Enjoy it. Spread it."

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tennessee Lawmakers Want Guns in Bars? Yup!

In an effort to return to the days of saloon shootouts and other wild west idiocy, the Tennessee legislature has caved to the NRA and voted to allow concealed handguns to be carried into bars and other establishments serving liquor.  Now the caveat is that the person carrying the gun is not supposed to drink....yeah right!

Apparently the NRA wants that changed as well.  Gee, I am glad these folks are standing up for our rights to carry lethal weapons and get tanked up!  Heck it's an old mountain tradition.  Get drunk and shoot guns....oy vey! 

I just hope Texas doesn't hear about this or next thing you know there will be gun toting booze hounds making our bars as safe as our streets!  Not!

Great Dancing, Sexy Costumes, Hot Video - Wrong Age!

OK I am not a complete prude, but even though this dance number is very well done, the idea of prepubescent girls doing this and dressed like hookers just makes me wonder.  This kind of sexualization of children is child abuse in my book.  You decide and let me know!

George Rekers Resigns from NARTH

NARTH, the infamous homophobic group that claims it can de-gay gays, issued this announcement:

NARTH Responds to the
Recent Media Coverage of Dr. George Rekers

"I am immediately resigning my membership in NARTH to allow myself the time necessary to fight the false media reports that have been made against me. With the assistance of a defamation attorney, I will fight these false reports because I have not engaged in any homosexual behavior whatsoever. I am not gay and never have been." --George A. Rekers, Ph.D.

NARTH has accepted Dr. Rekers' resignation and would hope that the legal process will sufficiently clarify the questions that have arisen in this unfortunate situation. We express our sincere sympathy to all individuals, regardless of their perspective, who have been injured by these events. We also wish to reiterate our traditional position that these personal controversies do not change the scientific data, nor do they detract from the important work of NARTH. NARTH continues to support scientific research, and to value client autonomy, client self-determination and client diversity.
Blah blah blah! The "truth" is that Georgie got caught with his cock in the cookie jar and his whole raison d'etra for being with this bogus group just flew out the window.  Don't let the door kit you on the way out Doc!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

13 Year Old Boy Does Lady Gaga - Perfection!

This kid is 13 and he already does a kick ass Lady Gaga!  Future as a performer is secured.  I suspect the girls in the background who are clearly smitten will be disappointed by his lack of interest in them someday. (Just my guess!)

Seattle Police Captured in Racist Assault on Video

So to those folks who can't understand why the Arizona Illegal Immigrant law bothers me so much.  They say that police will enforce it fairly...and other such crap.  Watch this video from Seattle.  Tell me how you think this would have turned out if a similar law was enacted there.  The officer's comment "I will kick the Mexican piss out of you". to an innocent man, kinda sums up my fear about this kind of thing.  By the way, the video title "alleged beating" is bullshit.  It is a clear and visible beating not an allegation.

Emergency Prayer Groups and Nature's Fury

As some of you know my partner and I chase severe storms on occasion and contrary to the hype and drama seen on television the reality is lots and lots of driving followed by occasional really nifty encounters with Mother Nature.  The ration of successful chases is somewhere around 10-20%, so lots of frustration and driving and driving and driving.

Having seen the amazing wonders of a tornado up close and personal and having captured the phenomenon on video several times, I can tell you that these incredible storms are awe inspiring.  That's why I am kind of amazed a group of the "faithful" in Miami, Oklahoma formed an emergency prayer group to deal with the severe weather.

Apparently these folk figure if they pray hard and long enough the storms will abate and clear skies will result.

Now, I am sympathetic to their cause, nobody wants people hurt or injured from a tornado, but I am reminded of the story of the man who was stuck in the flooding after a hurricane.
First a truck came by and offered to rescue him before the flood waters came, and he declined saying the Lord would save him.  Then as he sat waist deep in water a boat came by and offered to rescue him, he declined again saying the Lord would save him.  Finally a helicopter flew over his house as he sat on the roof to escape the floor and he declined again with the same refrain, the Lord would save him.

He drowned.

At the pearly gates he met St. Peter and asked , "So why didn't God save me from the flood?"

St. Peter responded, "well we sent a truck a boat and a helicopter!"
I figure these folks would be better served to spend their energies educating people to storm safety and digging storm shelters than having emergency prayers.  I would hate to be in the position of asking the question to St. Peter, "Why didn't you answer our prayers?"

I suspect his answer would be, "well we gave you the weather service and radar and education as to how to protect yourself in a storm!"

Meanwhile, my partner ended up chasing the storms yesterday, but nature had the last laugh. Our storm chase car broke down mid chase and the wind tore the door loose.   Luckily he is safe and back in Dallas now.

Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you.

Colbert Has Solution To Oil Guyser

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Historic Frank Lloyd Wright House for Sale in LA

If I only had the $7,495,000 to spare I would so buy this house.  It's the historic residence built by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1924 and it is a masterpiece of his prairie style/Inca temple period.  Built from concrete blocks with unique deco designs the house really is amazing.  It was used as a set in Blade Runner and the old Vincent Price movie, House on Haunted Hill.

Check out the listing, it has been reduced from $10M.  The foundation that owned it has been forced to sell the house because it cannot afford to stabilize the structure and repair it from the previous earthquakes.  Still a great architectural masterpiece and with a little work....who knows?

Rekers Phone Conversation With Rentboy Transcript Published!

The whole Rekers thing just keeps getting better.  Turns out Rekers, (the homophobic anti-gay activist) has a lengthy phone conversation with the escort he hired for his European fling.  What he didn't know is that a reporter for the Miami New Times was in the room listening on speakerphone.  The transcript is here and it's painfully obvious that Professor Rekers is trying to do damage control.  Priceless!

Lena Horne Dies - Stormy Weather Video

Lena, we will miss you!

Florida AG Fudges Figures - Actually Paid Rekkers $120,000 As Expert Witness

Expert witness?  When it comes to the "long stroke" he is!  Rev. Rekers, rabid anti-gay "scientist" of recent scandal and associates were paid $120,000 by the state of Florida to testify as to the unsuitability of LGBT parents in adoptions in the state.

Why is this a big deal other than the complete hypocrisy?  Well the Attorney General lied about the amount when first pressed for it.  Equality Florida is mounting a campaign to expose the lie and put pressure on the AG.

Florida, though sunny and delightful is not a great place to be LGBT.  The state legislature continues to try to deny equal rights to Floridians based on their sexual orientation.  Go get 'em Equality Florida!