Saturday, March 29, 2008

Maliki Calls Sadr Followers "Worse Than Al Qaeda"

So now Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is trying to demonize the militias by calling them “worse than Al Qaeda." For a man whose strategy to win the country has been stubborn resistance, and a prime minister whose credentials are questionable, since he is primarily a US puppet, this incendiary rhetoric makes no sense. I would think a great leader would be trying to unify the country not alienate huge sections of the population.

His intransigence and inability to govern really speaks volumes about the team we have decided to back in Iraq. Now, I don’t approve of any violence, but to resist negotiations and dismiss a very powerful enemy as “worse than Al Qaeda” is nonsense.

Basra is a mess, the battle there is not going wel for the Iraq government and most of Baghdad is still under a curfew. Now would seem to be the time to try to make peace, noty stir the already angry hornets nest.

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