Friday, May 20, 2011

Koch - They're The Evil Thing

Saturday Night Live - The Rapture?

OK so this one wretched minister has put pencil to paper and calculated the end of the world.
Saturday, May 21, 2011 at 6:30pm. 

To try to explain how strange this guy is is useless.  The media has latched onto this tripe and won't let go, so watch and enjoy!

Meanwhile, here's a fun prank for Saturday.  Get some old clothes and lay them out around your neighborhood like they were left by someone who was "raptured".  Then watch the fun ensue!


We are running out of time here in Texas!

HB 1942 by Rep. Diane Patrick is pending in the Senate Education Committee. Unless the bill gets favorably reported out of committee by the end of this week, we will run out of time to get the bill passed by the full Senate, concurred in the House, and to the Governor for signature.

HB 1942 is the single best opportunity to pass meaningful anti-bullying legislation this session. Don’t let the clock run out!

The Senate Education Commission is scheduled to meet THIS EVENING (Thursday) at Senator Shapiro’s desk to address pending business.


Chair Senator Florence Shapiro at 512-463-0108
Vice-Chair Senator Dan Patrick at 512-463-0107
Senator John Carona at 512-463-0116
Senator Wendy Davis at 512-463-0110
Senator Mario Gallegos at 512-463-0106
Senator Steve Ogden at 512-463-0105
Senator Kel Seliger at 512-463-0131
Senator Leticia Van de Putte at 512-463-0126
Senator Royce West at 512-463-0123

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cure for AIDS/HIV?

A San Francisco man who tested positive for HIV in 1995 and had been dealing with the disease while living in Berlin, received a bone marrow transplant in 2007.  That transplant contained stem cells from someone who was apparently immune to the virus.  Today, Timothy Ray Brown, has no trace of HIV in his body anddoctors are calling it a "functional cure."

Everyone is cautious not to celebrate too fast, thee is a lot of research still to be done, but if this continues to hold true it might mean a ray of hope in what is still a fatal disease.

After his transplant, Brown stopped taking all his HIV medications.  The story holds a lot of hope.

Rick "Frothymix" Santorum Says "I'm Not A Homophobe" - Guurrrrl!

OK, it's the season of distancing yourself from what you said for politicians.  I understand they want to appear friendly and delightful good guys, but Rick Santorum claiming he is not a homophobe is like Hitler saying he keeps Kosher!  Come on Rick, can't you pull your fothymix together and own up to your own hatred of gays?

You once compared gay marriage to legalizing bestiality, does that sound gay-friendly?
Mr. Santorum,

If you are going to be a homophobe, fine.  That way we will know who our enemy is.  Stop trying to fog the facts and pretend that you don't hate LGBT people.  Your previous statements and actions prove otherwise.  I guess we can add liar and duplicitous hypocrite to your resume?
Yes you are indeed a frothy mix of fecal matter and lube.

Nevada Passes Trans Protections

The Silver State quietly passed a bill offering protection against discrimination in the workplace based on gender identity.  They became the 14th state to provide these protections.  According to an article in LGBTQ Nation two more bills are moving through the legislature:
On April 25, the state Senate approved SB331, which would prohibits discrimination against gays and transsexuals in places of public accommodation including hotels, motels and restaurants; and SB368, which would prohibit discrimination in housing and other real property transactions.
I have always had a fondness for Nevada based on my past relatives living there.  Nevada repealed their sodomy law long before Texas, which still has it on the books!  And I do like Las Vegas, the city that does tacky right!  Now another reason to like Nevada, "Trans-Friendly."

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ohio Considers Guns & Booze Bill

Heck, I though Texas was gun crazy, but Ohio takes the cake!  The Ohio State Legislature is working on a bill making it legal to carry a loaded firearm into a bar or an open air arena where alcohol is served.  That is just what I want, a bunch of drunks with loaded guns, or worse drunk sports fans with loaded guns!

In defense of the insane bill Republican Representative Danny Bubp, said the bill is necessary to make sure law abiding citizens have equal footing with criminals. Say what?

So by that logic we should all carry guns everywhere just in case one of those crafty gun toting criminals is present.  Oh wait!  How will we know who the criminals are?  Well are they the ones with the guns....or the ones with the guns?

This is just more of the political pandering to the gun lobby who believes that until every American, man woman and child carries a lethal weapon we are in danger!  Bullshit.  When are the lawmakers in this country going to wake up and smell the gunpowder?  This kind of thinking will result in old west style shoot outs at every corner.
Of course that is not part of their thinking, they just want the money and the votes.  If someone shoots up a town, God will sort out the bad guys I guess?

Coffee Drinkers Have Less Prostate Cancer

Starbucks must be rejoicing!  A new study shows that men who consume 6 or more cups of coffee during the day have a 60% less chance of developing prostate cancer.  As one of those men, I am delighted to know this.

Now if I can just stop shaking.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Androgynous Male Model Magazine Cover Banned by Barnes & Noble, Borders

Shirtless guys on just about any magazine, no prob for Barnes & Noble or Borders.  But, a shirtless guy who has a very feminine face and hair?  Well that's a different story.

Apparently anything that falls outside the hetero-normative gender imagery is verboten to the gender Nazis at the major bookstore chains.  The stores have insisted on opaque poly bags for the magazine, Dossier if the current issue is to be available in their stores which features androgynous model Andrej Pejic on the cover.

Now women with plunging necklines, lots of skin or more, not so much a problem, so why the double standard?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Fundamentalists Gone Wild - Claim "Gilligan's Island" Was About Bears

I have to wonder if the fixation some fundamentalists have with LGBT people and our lives is more than just a passing interest?  Who would anyone fixate so specifically on teasing out anything that might be considered gay in every aspect of modern culture?  Obviously someone who is closeted and deeply filled with self-hatred!

To my brothers and sisters in the fundamentalist cults like the AFA and others, come out.  It's the 21st century!

This article claims "Gilligan's Island" was the birth of the "bear movement".  I never thought of it that way, but their lurid descriptions of the relationship between the Skipper and Gilligan are absolutely homoerotic.  Why would a straight man write such a torrid commentary if he weren't really a closeted gay man?

Read it and ask that question yourselves.  I think we all know the answer.

PS:  To my humor impaired friends,  this is a link to a parody site.  Please stop getting all "bent" out of shape.