Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bill Marriott Responds Boycott Action

OK, so I checked out the contributors to Prop 8 through the data base I linked in the previous post and Bill Marriott is not among the backers. I guess I should take him at his word that he and his company have not supported the Prop 8 initiative.

Here is a statement by him regarding the issue. My apologies to Mr. Marriott for assuming he was part of it, however his church was very active. I cannot in good conscience endorse a boycott of Marriott if the company and family did not back the measure.

I do however still have a big bone to pick with the LDS church and the $22 million+ they put into the ballot initiative.

UPDATE: There are lots of Mormons who are upset with their church position on Prop 8. Here is a site of Mormons who have protested or resigned the church over it!

Texans Who Hate Gays - Or At Least Their Wallet Does!

The following is a list of Texans who contributed to the Proposition 8 ballot initiative in California. Their names are public record and the list was compiled using the data base of Calif. Secretary of State's Office since 2007. The searchable listing is available here. It's fun to find your friends and enemies!

I just included the supporters who gave over $9000. There are hundreds more under that threshold. If you know these folks, call them up and let them know you really don't appreciate their bigotry and you just want the same rights as they have to marry who you choose.

Dale Brown $50,000.00 Midland
Rachel Weidman $50,000.00 Dallas
Loren Carroll $25,000.00 Kingwood
Spencer Wheelwright $25,000.00 Austin
Richard Platt $25,000.00 Prosper
Laurence E. Simmons $25,000.00 Houston
Jeff Kent $15,000.00 Austin
Arlo Terry $10,000.00 San Antonio
Dale Waite $10,000.00 Damon
Douglas Baker $10,000.00 Plano
Duke Williams $10,000.00 San Antonio
Francis C. Burton $10,000.00 San Antonio
John Woodward $10,000.00 San Antonio
Kim Beckstead $10,000.00 San Antonio
Larry Sprouse $10,000.00 San Antonio
Melbourne O'Banion $10,000.00 San Antonio
Scott Spendlove $10,000.00 San Antonio
Steve Vore $10,000.00 Odessa
David Nielson $10,000.00 San Antonio
Gregory Coleman $10,000.00 Cedar Park
Janell Berrett $10,000.00 San Antonio
Michael Knepp $10,000.00 Austin
Jonathan Cannon $10,000.00 Flower Mound
Peter Evans $10,000.00 San Antonio
Barbara Jones $10,000.00 Spring
Frank Call $10,000.00 Austin
John Erickson $10,000.00 Austin
Alan Stock $9,999.00 Plano
Joseph Elmer $9,999.00 Flower Mound
Ronald Kimball $9,999.00 San Antonio
Donald Yacktman $9,999.00 Austin
Jana Hilton $9,999.00 San Antonio
Sherrie Cox $9,999.00 San Antonio
Gary Riding $9,999.00 Highland Village
Roger Hepworth $9,995.00 Austin
David Hollingsworth $9,975.00 Cedar Park
Stephen Yacktman $9,900.00 Austin

Friday, November 14, 2008

Defend Equality - Love Unites

From the artist who brought you the great Obama posters.

Harvey Milk Talks About Hope - Video

BlogActive had this excerpt of a speech by Harvey Milk. I almost forgot how great a speaker he was and how much we lost when he was assassinated. Milk speaks of hope. Perhaps that hope is still alive.

Boycott Cinemark - Supporters Of Prop 8

Add to the list of people and companies to boycott for supporting Proposition 8 in California, the local theater chain, Cinemark. Its CEO, Alan Stock, donated $9,999 to the cause that was designed to take away the right to marry in California.

I ran across this tidbit on, and checked it through the San Francisco Gate website that searches a database of contributors to the Prop 8 funds. It's time we took our money and went elsewhere to see films! Now if we can get Sundance Film Festival to leave the Hate State of Utah perhaps some folks will notice.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Colbert Goes Super Hero!

Marvel Comics has enshrined Stephen Colbert in the pantheon of Marvel superheros in the latest The Amazing Spider-Man (issue No. 573). In the Marvel universe Colbert is declared winner by the Daily Bugle and he wins the popular vote but Obama wins the electoral vote. The Bugle prints his win in a "Dewy Wins" snafu.

I suspect these issues will be on Ebay for bog bucks soon!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gay Marriages Start Tomorrow In Connecticut!

According to the Associated Press, same sex marriages will be issued starting tomorrow in Connecticut.

Superior Court Judge Jonathan Silbert has scheduled a hearing at 9:15 a.m. Wednesday in New Haven to enter the final judgment in the case that allows same-sex marriages in Connecticut. Once the hearing ends, couples can pick up marriage license forms at town and city clerk's offices.

It's unclear how many couples will get married. The state public health department says 2,032 civil union licenses were issued in Connecticut between October 2005 and July 2008.

The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled Oct. 10 that same-sex couples have the right to wed rather than accept a civil union law. Only Connecticut and Massachusetts have legalized gay marriage.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Move Sundance Film Festival Out Of The "Hate State" - Utah!

Utah makes a lot of money from tourists. Around $6 billion a year flows into the state's coffers from visitors. A big chunk of that comes from the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Since the Mormon Church funded most of the "Prop 8" campaign in California, and since the film industry still calls California its home it would seem like a no-brainer to get that cash cow moved to another location.

The Prop 8 funding was close to $20,000,000. No chump change and without it the change in the law that negates the right to marry for gay and lesbians in California would most likely have failed.

The Mormons delight in meddling in the personal lives of people, from baptizing the dead to keeping tabs on the genealogy of everyone as well as funding anti-gay measures in many states. Its time that they and Utah, a majority Mormon state pay the piper.

Bloggers including myself are encouraging a boycott of all things Mormon including Utah. And if you plan travel this year, avoid Marriott Hotels as well, owned by a Mormon family.

While you are at it write to the Sundance Festival and ask them to get the heck out of the "Hate State" Utah!