Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Romney- Liar with no Shame

I used to think Mitt Romney was lying because his handlers and advisers gave him trumped up talking points, but now I believe it is a pathology.  His latest whopper was his assertion that Chrysler was closing all the Jeep plants in the US and shipping them to China.

It's a lie.

A big lie.

So big that Chrysler PR people jumped on it as fast as the press did.  They are not closing plants in the US, they are expanding into China so they can sell more Jeeps there!  It's a success story that Romney has twisted and tried to turn into a failure.  It is another example of how he apparently cannot or will not tell the truth, when it doesn't serve his purposes.  He is even putting it in a TV ad even though the press, Chrysler and the United Auto Workers say it's not in any way true.

This is a symptom of the desperate campaign Romney is running.  It is also a good example of the kind of president he would make. We don't need a pathological liar as president, we had that once with George W. Bush and nobody wants to go through that again.