Friday, June 16, 2006

Another Freedom Gone - Now US Spying On Your Credit Card Bills

In a stunningly un-heralded maneuver the NSA is continuing to build the program Congress slapped down, Total Information Awareness. Talk about Big Brother! According to the National Review the program is back and bigger and more comprehensive than ever.

The program will track credit card purchases, car rental receipts and travel records. The new difference? All these records are open to the entire intelligence community with no abuse safeguards! Welcome to the Soviet Union circa 1960!

Another Dangerous Heterosexual - Homeland Security Press Aide

According to a story on Raw Story today, Homeland Security press aide Brian Doyle, and admitted heterosexual, carried on a conversation online with who he believed was an underage girl. It was really a police officer.

But that is really old new, what's more interesting is what he said. While chatting up his young prey Doyle stated that he had met President Bush and, "nice guy but not a good president ... he is not very bright and it is evident ... Bush is a liar ... There were NO weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Total lie to go to war."

So why don't these guys just come out and tell the public this, instead of hiding in their straight-pedophile closet and letting the rest of the country go down the toilet?

Need More Proof Of A Growing Theocracy In The US?

For those skeptics who dismiss the evidence of a growing theocracy in the United States, I offer this little bit. Congressman Lynn Westmoreland is co-sponsor of FOUR resolutions, each dealing with adding the Ten Commandments either to the Constitution or having them displayed in the Congress. Not surprisingly when asked to name them on the Colbert Report, he couldn't.

It's a very sad day when a comedy news show exposes the hypocrisy that is rampant in Washington and the "real" news sources continue to just spit out whatever is fed to them in press releases. Democracy is in big trouble, and a free press, more importantly a working press is our last, best defense.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Now Police Don't Even Have To Knock. What Is Happening To Our Country?


Don't believe me? Check out the latest ruling by the Bush-stacked Supreme Court.

Police no longer have to announce their arrival, they can just break in and gather evidence with a warrant. Seems like a small thing when considering an unsympathetic scenario of a suspect drug dealer, but what about when they decide to seize property and evidence of political dissent. Already the Justice Department has started threatening journalists and it won't be long before they come calling on anyone who dissents against the Bush agenda.

November may be our last chance to take back our country. Vote for anyone other than a Republican! They must not continue to have absolute control over our government.

Now US Can Detain People On Basis Of Their Religion

What's next? Camps? I suspect that's the next step that the Bush administration and it's toadies in the judiciary will take to "protect America". A federal judge in Brooklyn yesterday ruled that detaining non-citizens based on their religion, race or national origin is OK.

The ruling comes from a lawsuit filed on behalf of hundreds of Muslim immigrants swept up in the weeks after the 2001 attacks. They were held for months, cleared of any terrorism charges but deported anyway.
"This decision is a green light to racial profiling and prolonged detention of noncitizens at the whim of the president," said Rachel Meeropol, a lawyer for the Center for Constitutional Rights.

What the F*%#?

Where did America go? Have we become Germany in the 1930's? Time to stop this administration from turning the United States into the US Reich. Vote these criminals out of office in November or you may not have a vote again. Think I am over-reacting? Check out this comparison of Nazi Germany to the present Administration.

BDSM As A Sport?

OK, this is the most lame brained idea I have ever heard. Check out the Denver Sanctuary's latest promotional idea. Having a contest to determine who has the most "extreme scene" at a dungeon party is not only foolish, it's a recipe for disaster. BDSM is not a competition sport, it is a manner of sexual expression. Trying to "out-do" others in the scene creates a false impression that more extreme is better.

In reality, better is subjective and extreme is in the eye of the beholder. Trying to look or be more extreme makes what I consider a deeply personal and spiritual experience a stunt. BDSM is not a stunt and if that's why you are into it, perhaps you'd be better served in dirt bike competitions or skateboarding.

From a strictly safety standpoint it could lead to unsafe play and really bad choices. The Denver Sanctuary should be ashamed. They are going to exploit the inexperience of novices who want to "make a name" for themselves at the risk of life and limb. Moreover, they cheapen what is not just a "lifestyle" but a life to many of us. They promise "bragging rights" for a year after the competition. I suspect those who will brag, will use assumed names or scene names for their bragging, making the title not only hollow, but hypocritical. Enough already!

When you have been in the scene long enough, everyone has had a scene that someone else considers extreme. Fine, that's a subjective opinion but it's not a tribute. The real measure of a BDSM practitioner is the response of their partners. If it's good for both parties, then it was a good scene. Otherwise it's just a sideshow or plain exploitation.

Now I'll get down off my soapbox and get back to having a good time, with people I trust in a safe, sane and consensual manner.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Congress Votes Itself Another Pay Raise

While millions of American's struggle with the higher gas prices and ominous consumer debt, our Congress voted itself a Cost of Living raise of 2%. That's a $3,300 hike in their salaries to a $168,500 annual total. This little item was buried in a back page of the Washington Post and not even reported in many news sources.

An attempt to block the raise was made by Rep. Jim Matheson (D-Utah) but was voted down largely along party lines by a 249 to 167 vote.

This comes on the heels of debate about raising the minimum wage. The current minimum wage is $5.15 per hour. Working a 40-hour week a wage earner would only make $10, 712 a year, well below the poverty level for a family of four ($20,000). With this kind of sub poverty wages, it is inconceivable that the GOP can speak of family values and traditional families. The mythical "traditional family" of yesteryear, where the mom stayed home and dad worked is impossible under the current wage guidelines.

A proposal that may or may not get to the floor for a vote was tacked on to an appropriations bill and would raise the minimum wage to $7.25 per hour. That still puts a head of household of a family four at $15,080, still below the poverty level. This amendment will likely be sacked before the bill is finalized, but at least someone is trying.

Our Congress needs to be held to the same standards they would hold us to. Though $168,000 is not a princely sum, it’s far more than the average American makes and should give us all pause. Remember these are the same congresspersons who regularly accept questionable contributions and perks like golf trips.

I would propose we put a brake on this elite group and peg their salary to the National Debt. The higher the debt, the lower their wages. We’d see a balanced budget and cuts in military spending in minutes.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Coffee Drinkers Have Less Liver Disease

Great news for Friends of Bill W! A recent study by Kaiser Permanente shows a correlation between coffee drinking and lower levels of cirrhosis. Apparently, according to the study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, drinking a cup of coffee per day makes you 22% less likely to develop liver disease, and the good news continues. For each cup over one per day the same benefits apply. Tea drinkers had no such results so it is apparently not the caffeine.

My suggestion, buy stock in Starbucks now.

Mary Cheney's Book Becomes Big Flop

Looks like nobody is interested in Mary Cheney's story. Her book sales are almost at 6000 copies and declining sales each week make it look like a real loss leader for Simon & Schuster Publishing. Considering she got a cool Million as an advance, the publishing house will likely loose money on the deal.

It is my sincere wish that Ann Coulter's latest rant will have a similar fate. Guess conservatives don't read?

Monday, June 12, 2006

Bill Kristol Proposes Bush Dictatorship

Yes, Fox News managed to get the most outrageous talking head yet. Syndicated Columnist and Reich Wing pundit Bill Kristol made this unique proposal on last Sunday's talk fest.
"Maybe we should have Supreme Leader Bush. I kind of like the sound of that."

Finally a neo-con who is getting honest with the American people. They really want a theocracy ruled by an all powerful dictator. Looks like we are already on the way there, with one party rule, hand picked political operatives as judges and an ever more intrusive secret police. Can goose-stepping be far behind?

Violent Crime Up = Bush Cuts Federal Funds reports today that the FBI is reporting the first rise in violent crime in 5 years. Murder rose 4.8% the largest rise in 15 years. Not surprisingly this comes at a time when the Bush Administration has been cutting federal funds for programs to put more officers on the streets and aid local law enforcement.

So "tough on crime" is another fabrication. Talk tough, spend less. Great program!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Zarquai Death = More War

President Bush in an unprecedented moment of honesty actually said that violence in Iraq may escalate in the near future. Amazing! I am not sure if he figured it out himself or had coaching from Karl Rove, but it's the truth.

Zarquai may have been a problem, but he was only a named problem. There are thousands of anonymous fighters who will carry on with much the same effect as Zarquai. The difference is that they will not be framed as the "boogie man" that Zarquai was. That is the problem with trying to pin down the source of the insurgency as one person. It's not one person, it's a prevailing attitude. There is discontent with the ruling faction in Iraq and until that is settled there will be violence. The same is true in the middle east in general. There is discontent in the foreign policies of the west as it pertains to the middle east and until that changes there will be terrorists.