Saturday, November 04, 2006

US Tries To Bar Prisoners From Discussing Torture

OK, here’s the logic:

I torture you even though it’s illegal.

Then I pass a law that says you can’t have a civilian attorney.

Then I pass a law that says you can’t tell anyone I tortured you.

Now I can torture you and continue to lie that I don’t torture.

Crazy? Nope that’s just what Bush wants to do and it’s so out of the park when it comes to constitutional infractions that it’s laughable. That is if people were not being tortured.

The courts under Bush pressure may rule that revealing techniques used to interrogate prisoners is a breach of national security. What the f$*k is happening in this country? That kind of stuff is right out of Orwell and we can’t allow it to continue. More and more we are moving to the status of "rogue state" and before long we will end up on Amnesty International’s top 10 list. That means we will have become a nation that ranks right up there with North Korea.

Already a poll of people in the UK shows that they fear George Bush more than Kim Jung-Il.

We must stop this juggernaut and get America back to being the bastion of freedom it once was. Vote these bastards out on Tuesday and lets take back our country from the criminals who control it.

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