Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Republicans Loose The House - Bipartisan Government Returns!

Well after dancing for a few minutes last night, I have settled in to watch the lawyers figure out the recounts to decide the senate, either way he people have spoken with a pretty resounding voice. "Enough is Enough!"

Bush awakens to a lame duck presidency and all his dirty tricks and propaganda amount to nothing now. It will be a pleasure to see congress actually deliberate over issues and perhaps a real system of checks and balances will return. Dems picked up more than enough seats in the House to win control and the senate is way too close to call, yet.

Governors are trending blue as well. Democrats took posts from Republicans in Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Arkansas and Colorado. In fact for the first time in quite a few years Democrats hold more gubernatorial seats than Republicans do.

Now some real investigations can begin to the corruption of the GOP and the congress can get down to real business and get us out of the mess in Iraq. Impeachment? I doubt it, but some selective prosecutions for crimes would be in order for quite a few folks. Otherwise, reconciliation will work better toward getting the country back in good health.

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