Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Palin - Mean & Viscious In Mayoral Campaign

The more you see Sarah Palin, the more she looks like a mean spirited bitch. There I said it! Sorry to all my female friends, but it's time someone told the truth about her.

Here is a case in point. When she ran for Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska she proudly pronounce she would be "Wasilla's first Christian mayor." This in spite of the fact that her opponent John Stein was a protestant. The unspoken implication and one that was intimated often by her and her supporters was that Stein was Jewish. Want more proof?

An article in Salon.com has more:
The Palin campaign also started another vicious whisper campaign, spreading the word that Stein and his wife -- who had chosen to keep her own last name when they were married -- were not legally wed. Again, Palin knew the truth, Stein said, but chose to muddy the waters. "We actually had to produce our marriage certificate," recalled Stein, whose wife died of breast cancer in 2005 without ever reconciling with Palin.
Prior to her candidacy, the mayoral campaign was non-partisan, but Palin introduced the whole, "God, guns and abortion into the race" things that had nothing to do with being mayor of a small town.

Now, let's talk about what to call her...

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