Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain's Big Stunt - Photo-Op Not Policy

John McCain is like a kid who when losing a game of chess, knocks the board in to the air and then wants to start over. He seems to be a gambler and his campaign reflects it.

The first upset was Sarah Palin. He picks an unknown Governor with almost no experience as a running mate. Everyone knew it was a gimmick and for a short time it paid off. The press was caught off guard by the stunt and spent a couple of weeks exploring who Sarah Palin really was. That turned the spotlight off Obama and back onto the McCain campaign. Problem is, her star is fading and McCain is still an unexciting speaker who loses crowds when Palin finishes talking.

Now the financial crisis seems grave, Wall Street is in a panic and McCain's numbers are falling. He gambles again. This time he makes a grand pronouncement that he is suspending his campaign and skipping the debate to return to Washington to resolve the financial crisis. In actuality he continues campaigning, appearing on Katie Couric and speaking at the Global Initiative while Sarah Palin continues to campaign.

In reality, McCain is not even on the committee that is reviewing the Treasury Department proposal, but in McCain world truth doesn't matter.

Next, he gets Bush to make a "scary" pronouncement that the world will end if the plan isn't passed and he proposes a meeting with the congressional folks really working on the proposal. However, he adds McCain and Obama to the mix, just to make it look like McCain was key to getting resolution. No matter that an agreement is already pending.

It's an obvious photo-op and the press knows it. America knows it, too. Overnight polls showed Americans wanted the debate to continue.

What this does is expose McCain
for the hot-headed gambler he is. Tales of his real gambling go back quite a while. The question is, does America want a reactionary hot-head as president or a consistent calm intelligent person in the White House? The answer is obvious. Obama makes more sense and feels better than McCain.

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