Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Louisiana Republican Offers $1000 Each To Sterilize Poor Women

Back in the 1920's and 30's there was a movement to consider human beings much like breeding stock for cattle. The idea of breeding perfect humans was wildly popular and families who exhibited the most desirable traits were awarded ribbons for being "fitter families". The movement was called Eugenics and it is no surprise that Adolph Hitler really warmed to it.

That was then... this is now, and believe it or not a lawmaker from Louisiana has started promoting a new Eugenics through his idea to pay poor women $1000 to have their fallopian tubes tied.

Rep. John LaBruzzo, a Republican (no surprise there) has actually proposed this idea as his strategy to eradicate poverty. No surprise either that he comes from the same district that sent white supremacist and former leader of the KKK David Duke to the state legislature in 1989.

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J. R. Miller said...

According to the most recent study, abortion is now fulfilling the eugenic vision of Planned Parenthood's founder,Margaret Sanger, and blacks are disproportionately getting abortions which reduces the black population.

Given the data, I am curious to hear from those who oppose this legislation and yet support abortion. Isn't this the ideal Pro-Choice legislation? Why doesn't the ACLU celebrate this as an opportunity for women to make decisions about their reproductive rights and even profit from their choice?