Tuesday, September 23, 2008

McCain Loses His Head

When you are a candidate and you get scathing criticism from George Will, you could chalk it up to Will's conservative beliefs, but when you are the Republican candidate getting this criticism you need to do some soul searching! George Will rakes John McCain and his entire campaign over the coals in the latest issue of the Washington Post.

Comparing McCain's leadership qualities to that of the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland, Will notes McCain's call for firing the SEC chief as an "off with his head" moment. Saying Chris Cox (head of the SEC) "betrayed the public trust", is pretty outrageous considering it was the GOP who gutted most of the regulations governing Wall Street and investment banking. Cox was just following the rules he was given.

Firing Cox follows the Bush model almost word for word. Typical behavior in the Bush administration is to fire a foot soldier when the problem is the corruption from the top down. Look at Abu Ghraib. The lowest ranking soldiers were charges and court marshaled, while the generals and cabinet officials who encourages the behavior go scott free.

Read Will's column, it is an eye opener.

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