Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain's Gamble Fails, He Is Debating After All

Well McCain's latest gamble didn't reap the rewards he expected and so he has decided to debate after all. The whole episode was political theater and the public knows it. McCain's gambling is starting to become very troubling. What the hell kind of leader would he be on the world stage with the kind of brinkmanship stunts he is pulling during the campaign?

He flew back to Washington, at a leisurely pace, arriving just in tome to be at a photo-op and make a few vague remarks. The problem is he met with House Republicans and gave a nod to derailing the plan after a week of negotiation. Things looked like there might be a bipartisan agreement and, boom! He arrives and the whole Presidential Politics thing takes center stage.

What kind of wacko wild card play will he make at tonight's debate? You can be sure he will pull some sort of stunt, that is all he knows.

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