Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain Blows The Deal! Plays Politics And Screws Wall Street & Main Street

The headline says it all. McCain returns to Washington and the deal, the BIPARTISAN deal that was worked out with the Bush Administration is now OFF!

He is playing high stakes politics with America's future and he must be stopped. This is all an attempt to "shake things up" and to delay the debates to keep his fake VP pick Sarah Palin out of her debate. After her appearance on Katie Couric it became obvious that she can't answer even softball questions coherently much less debate.

This has to stop. Obama needs to emphasize how reckless a gambler McCain is and how he is willing to stake the economy of the country to win the election.

Oh yea, and while he was screwing everyone, he continued to campaign and even had the balls to say the real problem was because of "earmarks".

During an interview with CBS’s Katie Couric yesterday, McCain said that the current financial crisis “is of the utmost seriousness and a crisis of enormous proportions.” But sticking to his mantra, McCain strangely cited earmarks as “one of the major reasons why we’re having difficulties”:
McCAIN: [W]e’ve got to take tough decisions and one of them is government spending by the way. One of the major reasons why we’re having difficulties is we let spending get completely out of control — earmark and pork-barrel projects. Senator Obama asked for over $900 million in earmarks pork-barrel projects, that’s not part of the answer thats part of the problem.
Meanwhile, Washington Mutual just failed. If there was any question if the crisis is real big banks going under is a pretty good sign. WaMu was seized by the government and sold to JP Morgan tonight. I do not think the crisis is fake, but I do think McCain's response to it is.

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