Monday, September 22, 2008

McCain Top Adviser Got $2 Million From Fannie & Freddie!

John McCain's TOP ADVISER, (I emphasize that for a reason which will become evident later) was paid more than $30,000 per month by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac to defend them against stricter regulations. Now understand the reason for the emphasis?

McCain thinks the American public are a bunch of idiots. First he picks a ditzy incompetent back woods politician as his running mate, and now he expects us to believe that he, a man advised by the same Fat Fats he rails against, can fix the financial crisis! Enough.

McCain's judgment is called in to question in light of these facts, and his pathological lying of late makes me believe he is not only a doddering old curmudgeon, but unfit to lead our country both morally and physically.

His campaign keeps saying the words "maverick" and "reformer" over and over expecting us to blindly follow along. The truth is he is a liar and and extremist whose staff is made up of Bush era conservatives. Keep repeating this to counteract the propaganda, "McCain - 4 More Years of Bush","McCain - 4 More Years of Bush". Now go out there and get that Obama sticker on your car!

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