Saturday, September 06, 2008

Palin Extramarital Affair Rumor Gets Serious!

As Sarah Palin disappears for a couple of weeks to be remade into some sort of Manchurian Candidate by the McCain-Rove troops, the rumors of her alleged extramarital affair are heating up. Now comes word that the man at the center of her dalliance has hired a legal team to seal his divorce records. Those records could show who was named as "correspondent" in the divorce, in other words who was sleeping with who that caused the ruckus.

Why would he seal those unless there was someone who would be in big trouble if they were made public. I suspect Sarah Palin's lawyers are already putting money in an account of his ex wife to assure her silence...just a guess.

Now even The Atlantic has picked up the story and it moves form the tabloids to the mainstream press. So how exactly did McCain vet Palin?

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