Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav Sights On New Orleans

I am watching the Weather Channel as the report from New Orleans on the landfall of Gustav. From the other web cams that are still online, the city is a ghost town. Luckily 95% of the residents have left because it looks like a real disaster coming soon.

I have been tracking Gustav since it was just a depression and consistently the forecast has shown the Louisiana cast as the prime target are for landfall. I guess the local authorities have been watching carefully this time as well. Levees are still not to the heights the Army Corps of Engineers recommended and in some places the flood walls are still unfinished. If the storm hits where it is expected to the flooding will come from the opposite direction of Katrina, meaning areas of the city that were relatively unscathed during the last storm will be victim this time.

I pray that the city survives. New Orleans is one of my favorite cities and a big part of the soul of the country. Without the Crescent City the South will be a pale shadow of itself.

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