Friday, March 14, 2008

Texas Land Commissioner Wants To Sell The Christmas Mountains

Leave it to Texas to sell off their treasurers to the highest bidder. A few months ago we gave the historic Texas State Railroad to a private company, and now we are trying to auction off the Christmas Mountains. These striking and beautiful landmarks are adjacent to Big Bend National Park and were given to the state back in 1990 and now the state was trying to give the land to the National Park Service to expand Big Bend.

Not so fast! Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson is blocking the deal. Why? Well in the great GOP tradition, which is beginning to sound more like the Ferengi from Star Trek, he wants to sell them to the private sector. Why should the public enjoy all that beauty Heck, let’s just sell it off and make a fast buck.

On top of his scheme, Patterson is lying about the whole thing as well. He told a group in Fort Worth last week, “"Big Bend National Park doesn't want" the Christmas Mountains. Well according to Big Bend Superintendent William Wellman, the park service wants to add the Christmas Mountains to Big Bend.

Dad gum this state takes the cake! We got a bunch of loonies in our legislature, an idiot for a governor and a liar for a Land Commissioner. No place but Texas!

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