Monday, March 10, 2008

Rep. Sally Kerns And Her Idiotic Agenda

The name Sally Kerns keeps popping up whenever I Google “stupid”, “ignorant” or Okie”. I am sure she will not mind me calling her these names since she is a staunch defender of free speech. Seems Oklahoma State Representative Kerns really understands the depth of her own ignorance, as she has sponsored an amazing number of ill considered and intellectually laughable bills. Take this one as an example.

Her bill would allow students to argue, without any penalty, against established knowledge in all fields using fundamentalist religious arguments. In other words, science, history and just about anything else would be trumped by fundamentalist misinterpretations of the Bible. How’s that for boneheaded?

My sincere apologies to all my Oklahoma friends, we have idiots here in Texas, too.

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