Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ferraro Claims She Is Being Attacked Only Because She Is "White"

Ferraro wants it both ways. She says Obama is where he is strictly because he is black, and now she says she is being attacked strictly because she is white. The kind of offensive rethoric coming from the Clinton campaign, which Ferraro is a part of is what will turn people against Hillary in the future. If she were to become the Democratic candidate, she has laid out a path of easily quotable remarks that would sink her candidacy.

Time for Ferraro to apologize and for Hillary to tone down the mean spirited attacks. After all, both candidates are Democrats and if we expect to have a Democrat in the White House we need cohesion.

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WhosPlayin? said...

Yep, this is par. Someone calls Hillary a "monster", and that person gets fired.

Ferraro makes a racial remark like this, and Hillary does nothing about it.

She needs to "renounce" and "reject" Ferraro's help.

Of course, she won't. Clinton will hold on at all costs, even if it kills the party. Slash and burn, baby!