Thursday, March 13, 2008

Anti-Cold Product "Airborne" A Fake! Looses $23 Million Fraud Suit

Well it’s good to know that even though the government won’t protect us from the snake oil sellers at pharmaceutical companies with regulations, the trial lawyers will.

The maker’s of popular product “Airborne” that is supposed to prevent colds and flu and other airborne diseases has lost a lawsuit for false advertising. The $23 million dollar settlement will pay users who were defrauded by the useless medication. Studies show it does absolutely nothing!

And that makes me wonder how the heck it got to the market? I guess without the FDA really watching out for the public, manufacturers can put anything in a bottle and sell it with whatever claims they want. As long as they don’t get caught, what harm could it do? Other than hitting people in the pocketbook, it could kill people who believe that the claims can actually do what they claim, and the public also trusts the ingredients to be safe as well. The problem is the FDA is a toothless tiger who can no longer regulate the safety of our drugs. Thank you Bush Administration…and Clinton Administration…and Bush Administration…and Regan Administration.

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