Monday, March 10, 2008

Oklahoma Lawmaker Defends Her Hate Speech

The Oklahoma Bigot, also known as Representative Sally Kerns, whose homophobic hate speech was secretly taped and released on YouTube has apparently noticed that other folks than loyal Republicans were listening. After receiving a flood of Email and calls she has responded to her defending her right to free speech.

I couldn’t agree more. She has an absolute right to speak however she sees fit, however as an elected official, she should expect a little scrutiny of her words, and moreover she should understand that there are consequences to hate-speech. Case in point her recent media attention. Watch her response here.

Now my response.

Sally, you are a bigot plain and simple. Though you hide behind your alleged Christianity, you cannot hide your mean spirit and hatred. If I remember correctly, Jesus, the same one you claim to follow, preached love and forgiveness. He also said absolutely nothing about gays or lesbians, but a lot about heterosexuals especially hypocrites. So here’s my words to you. Stop hiding behind free speech when you are only trying to disguise the ugly, twisted and mean person you really are.

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