Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Obama Wins BIG In Mississippi

I am sure the Clinton folks will find a way to try to spin tonight’s stunning win for Obama, but here are the facts. Obama won by 61% to Hillary’s 37% and that would be a 24 point difference. That is a big loss for her and a big win for him!

The press is making rumblings about race in the win, and it does play a part, but in a state with such a high population of African-Americans it’s not surprising that there was a big turnout in that community.

Meanwhile, Geraldine Ferraro is still refusing to apologize for trying to split the party along racial lines. If it is any indication, Hillary has not done anything substantial about Ferraro and that is an indication of her willingness to slash and burn the country in order to win. A scorched-earth policy will not win her any fans in the Super Delegate race. Time will tell if she really cares about the Democratic Party or just her own ego.

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