Saturday, June 12, 2010

BP Still Blocking Reporters From Public Beaches - And Lying About It!

BP Continues to stonewall media from speaking with workers on the cleanup efforts even though the lying officials at BO are saying they have free access. This video shows a private security guard blocking access to a PUBLIC BEACH. So where the hell does BP get the right to block access to a public beach? And where is the local law enforcement on this?


Frank said...

This is a matter of linguistics.

BP will not prevent workers from communicating with the media...

But it doesn't say BP will not prevent others from having access to workers. It's not a lie, and a classic example of general public not questioning linguistic usage.

The reporter should have just walked past the security guard, forced the security guard to assault him in the process of blocking access to a public beach, and then press charges.

Anonymous said...

There is consideration towards using a small nuke to seal the leak. Read this news article:

"Oil spill? Just nuke it"

BP has bumbled and fumbled this for six weeks. The leak still leaks, even if oil is being captured. They'll continue to try to minimize the damage, even though our oceans are being poisoned, and our wildlife and shores are being killed. They don't want to lose their profit margin it it's sealed up permanently. Screw the environment... our profit margin is all that matters. I don't agree with this aggressive approach, but what else do we have? BP doesn't care.

richard h.
fort worth, texas, usa