Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Oklahoma Bigot Sally Kern Has Challenger - And She is Transgender!

In case that headline was misleading, Sally Kern is not transgender, but her challenger is.  Democrat Brittany Novotny, an Oklahoma lawyer filed to run against Kern.  In case you don't reacll, Kern is the woman who made such inflammatory statements as homosexuality was "the biggest threat to our nation has, bigger than terrorism and Islam which I think is a big threat."  Just Google her name and you will find reams of similar idiotic quotes.

In an interview with The Tulsa World, Novotny said, "for six years, we’ve had someone who has not represented her district, has been ineffective on problems and is bad for business.... She focuses on things that aren’t critical issues to the district, like education."

Kern, to her credit, says gender identity will not be part of her campaign. 

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