Tuesday, June 08, 2010

What Does Fake Chicken Taste Like? Chicken!

More than once in my life I have gone vegetarian. Once on a new years resolution/bet I gave up meat for almost 10 years. Finally after doing a lot of traveling and finding it increasingly hard to stick with a vegetarian regimen, I gave in and tried meat again. I was expecting to get sick since many friends who were vegetarians told me that is what would happen.

Naw! I was fine and I gleefully started chowing down on barbecue and steaks and chicken again. Recently, though, I have started trying to move away from beef and eventually chicken. It's not from some ideological bent, but from simple health concerns. Meat in this country is over processed and medicated and I suspect I would be healthier without it.

Now comes word that a couple of scientists have produced the Holy Grail in non-meat products. A fake chicken analog that not only tastes like chicken, but chews and feels like chicken when you eat it. Once this comes on the market, I think I might try going meatless again.

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