Friday, June 11, 2010

Fox News Lies Again! Surprised?

So, Fox News has just decided to start lying instead of reporting news. Their latest is a whopper too!

Brian Kilmeade made the bald faced lie that the Obama Campaign received $750 million from BP during the election. First that would amount to the entire amount raised by Obama and second it would have been illegal at that time.

BP is on record having donated $1000 directly and its employees through a political action committee donated about $70,000. That would be a whole hell of a lot less than $750 million!

Fox News is not content to have a corporation blamed for this disaster and is trying desperately to pin it on the Obama administration. They should loose their broadcast license for falsely claiming what they report is news, it has reached the level or complete and utter crap, not the the right-wing slant on real news. Fox lies!

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