Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Thousands of Dead Fish and Dolphins Wash Ashore in Mississippi

Even as Fox News is spinning the story to show how successful BP is in their efforts, something I just saw on my way back from lunch, this photo in the New York Times tells a much different story.  The thousands of fish dead on the beaches of Mississippi betray Republican Gov. Haley Barbour's declaration that the "coast is clear, come on down".

While Barbour is lying dolphins are starting to wash up dead on the same beaches.  What advantage does he have for being such a complete liar?  Oh yes, he gets lots of money from oil companies!


Anonymous said...

Those look like smelt, look at the photo one back. Each of those fish is the size of that girl's toe.

Not that it is GOOD that a school of smelt died, but it isn't the same number of dolphin etc as you imply.

Hardy Haberman said...

The dolphin photos are also in the New York Times along with numerous pictorials of birds and other sea animals dying from the spill in Mississippi and Louisiana.

Also the smelt we are used to come fro fresh water not the ocean.