Friday, September 19, 2008

McCain Uses Racist Ad! Steps Into Scum Bag Territory

McCain is lying again! I don't think he can help himself but this time he has added the racist overtones worthy of someone like Lester Maddox, not John McCain.

In his latest ad, he tries to assert that the former CEO of Fannie Mae is an advisor to the Obama campaign. This is a patent lie! Both Obama and former Fannie Mae Chairman Frank Raines say it is not true. Meanwhile McCain has pictured both together (Raines is African American) and the shows a cowering old white woman as the victim of the alleged policies of Barack Obama.

It doesn't take an expert in psycho-graphics to get the gist of the ad. "Scary black guys take advantage of poor white woman".

Oh please! This is the kind of pandering and racist crap even a scumb bag like Frank Luntz would be appalled at. McCain is better than this, or at least the "old McCain". The "new McCain" is just the same as the rest of the good old boys in Washington. Willing to do anything to win, even lie and defame. Welcome to scum bag territory John!

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