Friday, January 11, 2008

Teen Gay-Bashes Straight Couple! Say What?

Not only are some homophobic people intolerant, but they are blind as bats! An Irish teenager is under arrest in a weird twist on a gay bashing. He assaulted a straight man and his date, a woman with short cropped hair, because he thought they were both guys.

The 16 year old bigot, shouted at the couple, calling them "fucking gay bastards" and knocked them to the ground kicking them in the street. Dublin police arrested the teen, and the couple are making a full recovery. I guess this reinforces the phrase "blind hatred".


Anonymous said...

No need to post this comment. Just pointing out the entire meaning of the title "Teen Gay Bashes Straight Couple" is completely different from the original which reads "Teen Gay-Bashes Straight Couple", which has a hypen.

Yours reads as if a gay teenager bashed a straight couple. That would've been news. :D

Hardy Haberman said...

Thanks for catching that!

slavedog fang said...

hey, this is Ireland after all!