Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Dr. Phil Cancels Britney Spears Exploitation Show

Dr. Phil has cancelled his Brit-sploitation TV special after Britney’s parents pulled the plug. Previously they had agreed to go on the show and talk about their meal ticket’s declining mental state, but now have taken the posture that they are furious with Dr. Phil for blabbing about his visit to the starlet in the hospital.

Of course Britney’s parents may have pulled the plug on the show, but they haven’t done anything to pull the plug on Britney’s escapades. After she checked herself out of the hospital, she has popped up in Palm Springs with a 35-year-old paparazzo. Personally, I would think a media pimp would be the last person Britney needs to be hanging around with. If her family is serious about helping her, they would get her committed to a real rehab clinic and wean her off the glitz, the coke and booze.

As far as Dr. Shill? Well he would be well advised to go back to doing his talk show and stay out of Britney’s life for now.

UPDATE: Seems her new boyfriend, a paparazzo named Adnan Ghalib, is peddling racy pictures of Britney to news outlets. Great! Another blood sucker finds a prey.

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