Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Clinton & Obama Draw Independent Voters In New Hampshire

Hillary pulled out a victory even she thought she couldn’t win as she squeaked by Barack Obama in New Hampshire. This keeps her in the race for the long run and that is indeed news, however for me the big news was the voter turnout and the way people who consider themselves "independents" voted. Early exit polls showed more than 6 out of 10 voted in the Democratic primary. Encouraging for the Obama camp was that 41% of independents voted for Obama.

Clinton’s biggest push apparently came from women voters who made, as many of them revealed, a last minute choice to vote for Hillary. The pundits who claimed Hillary’s "cracking voice" (she did not cry as some reported) would doom her are finding out that it was that moment that made the difference for many woman voters.

From New Hampshire the battle moves on to Nevada and South Carolina where the voters are much different than those in New Hampshire. Should be interesting to see.

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