Sunday, January 06, 2008

Dr. Phil Hops On The Britney Bandwagon

Just when you thought it was safe to pick up a newspaper without seeing Britney Spears on the cover, she has an emotional meltdown and is strapped to a gurney and hauled to the psych ward. If that publicity wouldn’t make it tough enough for the troubled young starlet to get the help she needs, now Dr. Phil is hitching his star to her out-of-control wagon.

Seems the good doctor visited Spears as she was checking out of the hospital. So what did he council her to do? Get away from the press? Get into serious rehab? Nope, he wants her to appear on another media event where he will show the world her downward spiral and air her troubles before the public for a buck!

Yea, that’s what Britney needs, more publicity as she crashes and burns. Dr. Phil sees it as an intervention, but anyone else would see it as a ratings ploy, and with the writer’s strike hobbling the networks, it’s just what they want! Box office boffo, and to hell with Britney and her well being!

Hollywood spawns some strange personalities, and Spears is one of the strangest. A pretty girl with a litle talent and lots of publicity who has absolutely no one around her who will tell her "no". Sounds like the plot of a made for Lifetime movie, and with Dr. Phil’s help it just might end up that way.

My advice? "Leave Britneyalone!" And to Dr. Phil..."have you no shame?"

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butterfly said...

I have seen Brittany Spears in the media a lot lately.I don't think Dr.Phil vistting her makes any difference.I'm glad Dr.Phil went to her side.Brittany Spears deffently needs help.