Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Years TV Shows - Dallas Vs. New York

Now that the hangovers are all healed and the confetti swept up it’s time to really look at New Year’s Eve celebrations on TV and ask the important questions.

First, when will Dick Clark retire. I have great sympathy for the man, but he looks terrible and speaks worse than my mother after her second stroke. I found the act of watching him painful in the extreme. Call me politically incorrect, but I would rather remember Dick Clark as he looked on American Bandstand! I think it’s great that he has recovered from whatever medical condition he has but if I were a sponsor, I would pull my ads in a minute.

Second, the televised coverage from Victory Plaza in Dallas was glitzy and fun and would make a logical successor to the East Coast Times Square blowout, however it would be better if the hosts were given something to say. The adlibs were beyond lame and most of the time Dale Hansen and his pals just seemed confused and dazed. Well after all it was New Year’s Eve, maybe they had a little too much “cheer”? Aside from that the high tech screens and impressive fireworks finale made the Dallas New Year’s Eve show on WFAA much more entertaining than Dick Clark in New York. Now if they could just get a better band and a writer for the Dallas show they’d have a hit!

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Brucifer said...

Personally, my mental picture of Dick Clark has always been, and always will be, him behind the podium on $25,000 Pyramid. "It's where they have the big New Year's Eve party, and they drop the big ball at midnight, in New York Cit-"; "Times Square!"

(Yes, I confess, I'm a game show freak!)