Tuesday, July 10, 2007

McCain Fiddles While Campaign Burns

John McCain, once positioned as an outsider with bold new ideas for the GOP has now become a Bush sycophant who is bereft of anything but agreement with the White House. Is it any wonder his campaign is burning down around him?

In the latest blow to his once dynamic campaign staff, Terry Nelson and John Weaver have now jumped ship leaving only a few long time loyalists to fill the gap. McCain apparently buckled to the Bush machine in an effort to gain favor and become the fair-haired boy of the GOP. Instead he only looks pitiful and lost. After his latest trip to Iraq, he continues with the same "stay the course" tune that he has played so often of late.

As more and more Bush folks find themselves in hot water from their lies and wrongdoings, it seems strange to cast one's lot with him. I can only figure that McCain made some sort of back-room deal with the administration and now he is finding that it will do him no good. As a presidential candidate, McCain is toast. It is too late to change his tune, Rome is already a smoldering ruin.

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