Friday, May 14, 2010

BP Chief Says Leak is "Relatively Tiny". Say What?

I heard a quote by the Chief Executive of British Petroleum, Tony Hayward this morning on NPR.  He said of the massive oil gusher that is surely to become the worst ecological disaster of the past century, "it's relatively tiny". Of course he was talking about the volume of the leak when compared to the Gulf of Mexico.  AssHat!

A "relatively tiny" amount of strychnine in a cup of tea either is just as deadly as a cup full.  When it comes to pollution like this trying to minimize the problem is the worst kind of spin I can think of.  Meanwhile I would like to ask this jerk, "were the the deaths of those 11 workers relatively tiny"?

Scientists, after examining the video that BP had refused to release for weeks say the volume of the spill is not the 5000 barrels a day we have heard bandied about, but more like 70,000!  That is like the Exxon Valdez rupturing every four days. 

Meanwhile as the lying fops testify before Congress, the spill moves closer to shore and already hundreds of marine animals are washing ashore dead and coated with oil.  The fisheries may or may not be usable this season, and that could devastate the economy of the coast.  These photos from NASA give a hint as to the magnitude of the spill. 

This one isn't going to go away and BP, Transoceanic and Halliburton have their fingerprints all over it.  If it means these companies have to be gutted to pay for the cleanup and damages, that would be just dandy with me.  

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