Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Seattle Police Captured in Racist Assault on Video

So to those folks who can't understand why the Arizona Illegal Immigrant law bothers me so much.  They say that police will enforce it fairly...and other such crap.  Watch this video from Seattle.  Tell me how you think this would have turned out if a similar law was enacted there.  The officer's comment "I will kick the Mexican piss out of you". to an innocent man, kinda sums up my fear about this kind of thing.  By the way, the video title "alleged beating" is bullshit.  It is a clear and visible beating not an allegation.

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Master David Goodmen said...

Television, radio, newspapers, et cetera, have to say "alleged", because they will be sued by the crooks, if they just tell the truth. To you and Me, this is like the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger being described as, "a problem with the launch". Lawyers care absolutely nothing for the truth, as can be seen in most any courtroom. ["Justice" indeed!]

The lawyers in the Rodney King case ran the video recording backwards and forwards slowly, so that they could convince the jury they were not seeing what they in fact were seeing. There was a story on the NewsHour, I believe it was, describing this particular lawyer-induced travesty of justice.

Maybe these criminals will get what they deserve. [I am NOT holding My breath...]