Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Emergency Prayer Groups and Nature's Fury

As some of you know my partner and I chase severe storms on occasion and contrary to the hype and drama seen on television the reality is lots and lots of driving followed by occasional really nifty encounters with Mother Nature.  The ration of successful chases is somewhere around 10-20%, so lots of frustration and driving and driving and driving.

Having seen the amazing wonders of a tornado up close and personal and having captured the phenomenon on video several times, I can tell you that these incredible storms are awe inspiring.  That's why I am kind of amazed a group of the "faithful" in Miami, Oklahoma formed an emergency prayer group to deal with the severe weather.

Apparently these folk figure if they pray hard and long enough the storms will abate and clear skies will result.

Now, I am sympathetic to their cause, nobody wants people hurt or injured from a tornado, but I am reminded of the story of the man who was stuck in the flooding after a hurricane.
First a truck came by and offered to rescue him before the flood waters came, and he declined saying the Lord would save him.  Then as he sat waist deep in water a boat came by and offered to rescue him, he declined again saying the Lord would save him.  Finally a helicopter flew over his house as he sat on the roof to escape the floor and he declined again with the same refrain, the Lord would save him.

He drowned.

At the pearly gates he met St. Peter and asked , "So why didn't God save me from the flood?"

St. Peter responded, "well we sent a truck a boat and a helicopter!"
I figure these folks would be better served to spend their energies educating people to storm safety and digging storm shelters than having emergency prayers.  I would hate to be in the position of asking the question to St. Peter, "Why didn't you answer our prayers?"

I suspect his answer would be, "well we gave you the weather service and radar and education as to how to protect yourself in a storm!"

Meanwhile, my partner ended up chasing the storms yesterday, but nature had the last laugh. Our storm chase car broke down mid chase and the wind tore the door loose.   Luckily he is safe and back in Dallas now.

Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you.

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