Saturday, May 29, 2010

Top Kill Fails - Now What?

Well the whole Top Kill thing was a bust.  I knid of figured they were not having success when I heard them try the junk shot, which just sounds desperate but supposedly it can work.  Now it try to cap the thing with what is basically a big box again, this time bigger and better supposedly. 

Meanwhile the gulf coast gets progressively worse.  It may be time for the government to bring in Army Corps of Engineers and get the coasts better protected.  It also is high time the press started looking to BP for solutions.  The government is not at fault and they have no expertise in oil drilling.  Unfortunately, it is up to the folks who caused the mess to stop the leak.  Once that happens, my opinion?  Nationalize BP's interests in the Gulf of Mexico and use the seized assets to pay for the damage.  Press criminal suits against the well operators for cuting corners and using sea water instead of drilling mud and hold them responsible for the deaths of the 11 men on the rig who died in the explosion.

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