Sunday, May 23, 2010

Louisana Coast May Never Fully Recover From The BP Disaster

As the BP oil disaster grows, the coast of Louisana is beginning to feel the pain.  The sensitive wetlands and marshes along the coast are filling up with oil.  Pelican rookeries have been sighted with the birds and their eggs covered in oil. 

The biggest problem with the marshlands is there is no effective way to clean them up.  Waco suggestions such as burning them off and flooding them to "float the oil" off have been suggested but thankfully neither has been put into practice.

The coast may have to recover on its own which means many years from now it might be cleaner, but never the same.  The industries that rely on this are may be destroyed as well.  Shrimping, oysters, etc are not happening any time soon.

Thanks BP!  Glad you are Beyond Petroleum.  Now if you were only beyond incompitent that would be better!

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