Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tony Perkins - Family Research Council - Is An A*&$#T

I normally refrain from calling names here, but sometimes I just can't avoid it.  Tony Perkins (of Family Research Council, not the actor) is an ASSHAT!

Let me back that up with a quote from Mr. Perkins.
"I know a lot of people point to militaries that have allowed homosexuality within the ranks – there’s twenty-five of almost two hundred nations but the top militaries in the world do not allow homosexuality to be openly engaged in, in the military – I mean, if you want a military that just does parades and stuff like that then I guess that’s okay."
Parades and stuff?  Excuse me you ASSHAT, but I have many friends who are gay who served honorably and heroically in the military, all the while hiding their sexual orientation.  That takes guts.  More over some of those same friends would have served just a honorably and heroically if they had been allowed to be open about their sexual orientation.

Now about those top militaries, most folks consider Isreal, Canada and the United Kingdom as having pretty darned good militaries and all three of those countries allow openly lesbian or gay service members. And another thing you ASSHAT, they do a lot more than parade!

Meanwhile Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-PA)is one of the sponsors of the measure to toss out the flawed policy of DADT.  By the way, he's straight and he is a war veteran.

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