Friday, May 28, 2010

DADT Repeal Measure Might Make It

Both the House and the Senate panels have passed an amendment to the Defense Appropriation Bill that would end Don't Ask Don't Tell as an official policy once the military gives their OK.  This is both big news and no news.  First of all it isn't a done deal.  The obstreperous GOP has threatened to filibusterer this measure, and once signed into law it still depends on the military to "pull the trigger" and strike the policy from the books.

The military is doing a study to see how it could be enacted and how it would affect their operations.  So far it looks promising, bu I will wait to celebrate until it actually becomes policy. 

I applaud President Obama and Congressional leaders for getting this far.  It's a tough step to take in an off year election cycle, but some apparently have the guts to actually vote their conscience. 

Now it's up to the guys in uniform and that won't be until December.  My fingers are crossed.

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