Friday, May 21, 2010

Tomorrow is Harvey Milk Day

Tomorrow, May 22 will mark the second observance of Harvey Milk Day in California. It was Harvey's birthday and it should be a day all people, LGBT or straight should observe. Milk sought to being people together to work for the common good. Funny, that sounds a lot like the same ideals of the founders of our country.

USA Today has a nice interview with Cleve Jones about Harvey. Cleve has been active in the LGBT movement since the days back in the Castro and was instrumental in the AIDS Quilt Project. Take a moment and listen to him.

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The Pagan Temple said...

"Funny, that sounds a lot like the same ideals of the founders of our country."

Huh? The founders weren't in the least bit interested in bringing people together, they wanted to get the hell away from them (them being the British), and were willing to go to war to do so, even though they only had the support of about half the colonists at best. People that didn't support them ended up leaving if they could, and the founders weren't in any hurry to talk them into sticking around.

Anyway, even though I'm a straight dude, Happy Harvey Milk Day. I think I'll pass on that milkshake though, thanks all the same.